North Rim UTV Fun Run

Unveil the majesty of the Grand Canyon, a wonder that stands as a testament to nature's grandeur. And what better way to experience this iconic marvel than in the saddle of your own Side-by-Side (SxS) vehicle? Prepare for an extraordinary three-day escapade that promises to transport you to the heart of the North Rim, a hidden gem waiting to be explored.

Introducing the North Rim UTV Fun Run, a spectacular event presented by UTV Offroad Adventures. Did you know that the Grand Canyon holds the esteemed title of the 7th wonder of the world? And guess what – it's practically in our own backyard! Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey to Kaibab, a region that borders the North Rim of the Grand Canyon itself.

Immerse yourself in a weekend of pure exhilaration, surrounded by towering pines and serene aspen trees. With guided trails, scrumptious meals, thrilling quick draw poker, exciting raffles, and an abundance of laughter and camaraderie, this event is tailored for all ages and UTV enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a newcomer to the UTV experience, you're in for a treat.

Our mission isn't just adventure – it's making a difference. As you revel in the fun, you'll also be contributing to local charities, ensuring that this remarkable journey leaves a positive mark on the community.

Picture this: the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, a hidden treasure that most visitors overlook in favor of the South Rim. Here's your chance to unveil its hidden wonders. One of the highlights is the awe-inspiring Bright Angel Point. Rising over 1,000 feet higher than the South Rim, this vantage point offers a panoramic view of Bright Angel Canyon to the east and Transept Canyon to the west. The intricate erosional formations that define the North Rim are on full display here. Close your eyes, and you might even catch the distant echo of the Roaring Springs, a serene sound against the rugged landscape. Marvel at the power lines that reach down to this natural wonder, fueling the pumps that supply fresh water to the North Rim.

Prepare for the thrill of the Point Sublime Trail, a journey through untamed terrain that rewards you with a vista beyond imagination. This trail is a well-kept secret, ventured upon by only a fortunate few. As you traverse this path less traveled, you'll find yourself asking why everyone seems to be speaking in hushed tones. The answer is revealed by the breathtaking views that unfold before you.

Saddle Mountain beckons, an extinct volcano that stands proudly at the edge of the North Rim. From its heights, you'll witness a symphony of colors etched into the canyon walls. Gaze upon the Eastern Echo Cliffs, the Vermilion Cliffs to the north, and the meandering Marble Canyon. Each view is a masterpiece, a canvas painted by nature's brush.

Secure your spot in this unforgettable journey by registering online. Get ready to forge lasting memories, share laughter, and connect with fellow adventurers. So gear up, ignite your UTV, and let the trails lead you to an experience that will leave you awestruck. Happy trail riding, and get ready to discover the Grand Canyon like never before!


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